My Mum

Created by Ellie on 02/06/2017
Dear Mum,
This is Ellie and no matter where you are i love you. And the second they told me that you died I knew you didn't leave me because you were always in my heart. And you always will. I love you. No one will ever tear our love apart. I may not know everything that happened in this world, I didn't even realise how lucky I was to see myself born to live such a happy life. You had so much more to live for. People sometimes forget that their families lay in graveyards. But I'm telling you I will NEVER let that happen. And I'm sure there's many more people out there who feel the same. I love you mum. Me Alex and Alfie will never feel the same way again without you standing their with that happy grin on your face. We miss everything abuout you.
Lots of precious love, Ellie xoxo